Featured in The Gazette - #iamwinningasamummybecause campaign - Tuesday 29th May 2018

Featured in The Gazette - #iamwinningasamummybecause campaign - Tuesday 29th May 2018

Positive wellbeing zine for mums - issue 1 and issue 2

Positive wellbeing zine for mums - issue 1 and issue 2


I'm Emma and welcome to Isabella and Us! I am a speaker, writer, editor, designer and creator promoting positivity with my Winning as a mummy® movement through campaigns, products and the Positive Wellbeing Zine for Mums.

I am wife to my husband Chris, who has been by my side for eleven years, mummy to Isabella and to our two fur babies, Pippin and Luna.

I set up Isabella and Us when Isabella was 4 weeks old in January 2018 and have been growing Isabella and Us. since.

After having Isabella I found the transition into being a mum tough and so Isabella and Us. was born. I wanted to help other parents celebrate the small wins and to promote positive wellbeing in parents too. At 5 months into motherhood I was diagnosed with PND and this has given me an even bigger drive to raise awareness of maternal mental health and to promote positivity in parents.

I also occassionaly host a Twitter hour on a Wednesday evening #winningasamummyhour

In May every year I run the #winningasamummy campaign where mums shared their daily mummy wins to promote positivity.

In September 2018 I launched the Positive Wellbeing Zine, a Magazine for Mums, all about motherhood, wellbeing and self care, where I am the editor, founder and creator.

I believe that celebrating the positives rather than focusing on the negatives has a massive impact on our mental health and wellbeing. Being a parent can be really tough and once that little one arrives your life changes so much. But taking the positivity out of situations by realising that you should be focusing on what you have achieved not what you haven't allows you to control your own feelings much better. You own this! You've got this!

Let's get sharing and celebrating those Parenting Wins!


Winning as a Mummy® is a registered Trademark of Emma Cottam (Isabella and Us.)