Custom Pack of Mummy Wellness Cards

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Custom Pack of Mummy Wellness Cards


Choose from a selection of our Mummy Wellness Cards to create your own pack of 10 cards.

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Mummy Wellness Cards - create your own pack! 

Choose from the list of cards below to create your own Mummy Wellness card pack featuring 10 of our cards. The cards will come in a plastic box.

These cards make the perfect new baby gift for new mummies or parents to be or to remind a mummy of the amazing job she is doing and that she'd got this!

This set includes 10 Mummy Wellness Cards designed by myself to have in photos and share all the important moments of your new arrival and journey as a mummy! These cards are designed to promote positive wellbeing.

The Milestone Cards measure 89 x 51mm (business card size) and are the perfect size to fit in your changing bag or handbag to take with you everyday so you never miss a moment. 

The cards can come in a plastic box perfect to keep your cards safe from damage from leaks, bumps and clothes covered in sick or poo explosions. Please select this option from the dropdown menu. 

Choose 10 cards from the below list! Include the cards you would like in the notes section when ordering.

* Today I trusted my instinct
* Today I took time for me
* Today I need to be kind to myself
* Today I am winning at being a mummy
* Each day I am becoming more confident as a mum
* Today I know what is best for my child
* Today I Parent with love
* Today I spent time with the people I love
* Today I took time away from distractions
* Today I am confident in my decisions
* Today I do not judge myself
* Each day I learn something new as a mum
* Today I am the best mum I can be

Each pack includes an instruction card about how to use the cards.

You can Personalise your gift by adding a hand written note to your order. Each note is business card sized and comes in a black envelope that fits inside the box with the cards. You can add your own personal message handwritten by myself or it can be left blank for you to write your own message on. Purchase here.
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