Small Business Blog Series - That’s Sew Sweet!


This new year I’m excited to bring you a short showcase of some fabuolous businesses. Through Isabella and Us. I am lucky enough to collaborate with, showcase and share amazing small independent businesses, which is just amazing and shopping small is something I am incredibly passionate about.

So over the next few weeks I’ll be bringing you a short showcase of some fabuolous independent businesses!

Today is That’s Sew Sweet! by Calley Owen.

Tell me a little bit about your business...: 

I love to make anything and everything! I initially started sewing using my Nan’s old sewing machine and from there I’ve progressed to framed work (family trees, scrabble pictures) and more recently graphic designing prints for the home.

Tell us more about yourself - What did you do before your business, your interests/hobbies and any fun facts: 

So I’m a mum of 3 beautiful children, a daughter and 2 sons. I’m primarily a stay home Mum, so my day consists of tidying up behind them and keeping them alive! My little start up is my hobby, I love creating!


What inspired you to start your business?

My children. Everything I do/want to do is to better our family life. I want to make sure my children know what it is to have goals (more realistic than dreams) 😉 and to achieve them and go beyond them if they try hard enough! I’m all about anything being possible and my kids will grow up knowing this.

How do you keep a good work/life balance with running your own business?

So having 3 children, I tend to feel a bit ‘ganged ip’ on at times! Luckily for me, they are well behaved and have a good routine. I tend to work around this, so when the elder 2 are at school and little one has a 2 hour nap in the late morning (result right?!), I can fit in some creative time then. When the days finished and hubby and I have eaten we chill out and watch rubbish TV (mainly my soaps!) but if he has errands to do in the evening, I’ll use that time to get some jobs done too.

What top 3 tips would you give to someone starting their own business?

  1. Don’t ever think what you’re doing isn’t good enough, you started this for a reason so keep at it!

  2. Try and get yourself known as much as you can! Be it through word of mouth, social media, local businesses that may want to help!

  3. Set realistic goals! It’s lovely to think big (I do it alllll the time!) but it’s safer for your mentality (and bank balance!) if you take one step at a time and reach the little goals in order to achieve the big ones

What is one thing you wished you had known before you started your own business?

How slow the beginning process takes! I had/have big visions for my little business and work so hard trying to get myself out there! I’ve come to realise that these things take lots of time and patience!

You can see more of That’s Sew Sweet! over at:

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I hope you enjoyed reading the small business showcase from That’s Sew Sweet!

Emma x

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