Mum Stories Blog Series - Week 3

I believe it is so important to share our stories as mums, to talk about both the good and bad parts of our motherhood journey. So these next few blogs are some stories told by other mums.

** Please be aware that you may find some of the stories potentially be upsetting or they may trigger something for you. If you do need further support please do seek advice from your GP or a mental health professional. 

Mum Stories Blog Series - Week 3

“I’m Louise, I’m 31, I have a 10 month old baby girl called Lola and a partner called Sam. I was a charity shop manager for 8 years and returned to work as an assistant charity shop manager. I moved 3 and a half hours away from home 3 weeks before I gave birth to be with Lola’s Dad Sam and we’ve not looked back”

This week Louise shares her story and has written a letter to Lola - “It’s an attempt at being honest with a tiny bit of humour”

Louise’s Story:

 Dear Lola,

You’re currently asleep and your Daddy is out so I’m sat in bed doing some writing and as with most things it’s about you. I had no idea 10 months ago when you BURST into our lives (that’s a joke you took 3 days and I still couldn’t push you out) that every waking hour (another joke because you won’t sleep through the night so turns out there’s a lot of waking hours) would be about you. Ask me if I’d want it any other way. Actually yeah because I need to catch up on Love Island and you like pressing the button on the iPad and laugh when the screen disappears. There’s a few things I need to admit to you and I hope when you’re a big girl you understand them. I had no idea I wouldn’t enjoy maternity. I had no idea I’d be desperate to go back to work at 6 months. I had no idea how putting you into nursery so I could go back to work would be so healthy for us both. I had no idea how much of a social butterfly you’d be. I had no idea I wouldn’t feel an ounce of Mum guilt. I had no idea how much I’d enjoy our days off together because of it. I had no idea how much I would need to squeeze those chubby arms and kiss you as often as I can. I had no idea how much I needed you Lola. Your little teeth are ridiculous, your ginger head is ridiculous, your ability to poo and within seconds it’s everywhere is ridiculous, your dancing is ridiculous, the faces you pull are ridiculous, your little northern voice is ridiculous, the way you love to be scared and made to jump then laugh is ridiculous, the way you wave and shout IYA at anyone who looks at you is ridiculous, the fact you say your Dads name constantly but never mine is ridiculous, the way you kiss (headbutt) people is ridiculous. But most of all the insane amount of love I have for you is ridiculous. Keep being the wild, feral, finding stuff on the floor and eating it kinda kid you are, I’m with you all the way. I will never be able to tell you how much I love you.

Love your Mamamamama x


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