Mum Stories Blog Series - Week 1

I believe it is so important to share our stories as mums, to talk about both the good and bad parts of our motherhood journey. So these next few blogs are some stories told by other mums.

** Please be aware that you may find some of the stories potentially be upsetting or they may trigger something for you. If you do need further support please do seek advice from your GP or a mental health professional. 

Mum Stories Blog Series - Week 1

This week Mary shares her story of her postnatal depression journey and accepting help when you know you need it - “It is also about seeing that you’re not alone and you have people around you who are showing their support and love.”

“I’m a rainbow mama and disabled. My son is my 12th child and his 11 brothers and sisters watch over him from heaven. His dad my partner is my carer and does everything he can to help me look after our son because I’m in constant pain.”

Mary’s Story:

 No one understands. Being a mama while in constant pain is so damn hard, but no one understands. I have a neurological pain condition that limits me from doing so many things, I suffer daily in debilitating pain a pain that never goes away, sometimes like now I can only walk using crutches. Sometimes like now I can’t even pick up my son, but I ask for help, I beg for help but my want goes unnoticed most of the time. I hate the pain that I go through every day, I knew having a baby would risk myself from either being in a wheelchair to walk or having to use crutches more often than not. I have contemplated being a single mama but I know I won’t be able to do it alone. Having him here is not only giving me hope for a better future but it’s giving me the protection I crave.

Being a mama is hard full stop, but when other things take precedent in life you realise that you need others there for the help so you beg even more. This happened when I fell ill 2 weeks ago. I realised that my asking hadn’t gone unnoticed my asking wasn’t just asking. I had let my anxiety and Pnd take me and I was recognising that I had been getting the help I needed. Not only in raising our son but in looking after the house and finances. It was until I fell ill that I realised the help had been there all along.

I suppose the point I’m really trying to make is look around you and realise it. When something happens that you can’t control look around to that person who you love and spend your life with and realise that you’re already winning because you have their love and support in everything. Even single mamas can do it, because they have the love and support from friends and family. 

Being a mama is hard. Being a single parent is hard, but I am not a single parent, my son is being raised by his mama and daddy, he is 14 months old today and we have done ok so far.