Dear Mama Letter - Sam Green

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing a series of letters written by mums for mums, all about their self-care top tips! This week is Sam shares her letter.

Dear Mama

For the first few weeks after having your baby, motherhood can be all consuming. And that’s ok.

You can go days without washing, let alone washing your hair and that’s ok.

You can go days in your pyjamas and that’s ok too.

Eventually you will feel the need to be you again, to have a bath in peace, to wash your hair, put on makeup and feel pretty again.  And that too is ok.

Imagine your core to be a jug, you can only pour for so long before it becomes empty. You need to look after yourself and top up your jug.

I have given myself permission as a Mum to put myself first as I recognise it makes me a better mummy.

On the days when I have showered and washed my hair I feel awesome and it shows by giving me more patience and more energy.


I’ve learnt the following tricks to enable me to give myself some time:

1- shower before baby gets up

2- shower when baby is napping

3- bath with baby

4- give baby to Dad/friend/grandparent

5- exercise whilst baby is in a baby carrier (they love it)

6- exercise whilst baby has a nap

7-dry my hair whilst baby is having a snack- eating consumes their attention so they will sit for longer

Whatever you do, find what works for you. But allow yourself to put yourself first sometimes.  A happy you will definitely equal a happy baby

Sam xx

P.s some mums may not admit it but if all else fails, it’s ok to use screen time too. Little baby bum and baby shark have been my saviours!