Dear Mama Letter

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing a series of letters written by mums for mums, all about their self-care top tips! This week is Jen shares her letter.

Dear Mama,

Im going to start by saying that as a new mum I was terrible at self care. All I thought about was looking after my new baby. I was tired, emotional, happy, surrounded by family and friends and loved by my husband but I didn’t do anything to look after myself in the early days. It wasn’t until after I had been diagnosed with Post Natal Depression that I actually realised that I need to look after me as well as looking after the new baby, my husband and the house! I was told by my Doctor, my therapist and by loved ones I needed to take time to care for me so that I could then care for baby. At first I couldn’t see how I could with running around all day trying to do jobs between feeds and nappy changes! But then something clicked. I didn’t need to be running around all day and self care can just be a few minutes at a time. I started to take some time when baby was napping or once she was asleep or the night (well for a good chunk anyway!) As she has got a little older and generally sleeps from 7-6 most nights I have found it a lot easier to look after myself by having an hour in the evening. I have also ditched the guilt of leaving her with someone else and started a yoga class which has so many benefits including exercise, me time and learning to breathe and be calm! So I guess the big thing is that you can and you must make time for you, its not selfish but instead essential for your wellbeing. Don’t feel guilty, just enjoy! Here’s my top few ways of practicing self care.

3 ways of self care when baby is napping/asleep in the evening:

-      A nice cup of tea a biscuit and a magazine

-      Having a relaxing bath 

-      Watching something on tv with a drink and snacks

3 ways of self care when someone else is able to look after baby:

-      Exercise class (my fave is yoga)

-      Pamper time (haircut, nails, massage)

-      Meeting a friend 

You can find more of Jen over at Instagram - @mummyhood_adventures