Dear Mama Letter - Caroline Davies

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing a series of letters written by mums for mums, all about their self-care top tips! First up is Caroline Davies.

Dear Mama,

I’m Caroline Davies, first time mummy to Ava-Mae (nearly 8 months old) who is officially unique, well registered with Unique as she has a chromosome disorder. 


She does demand time and care (perhaps more than another baby, I’m not sure she’s my first!) like all babies do and I promised myself that when she was born I would ensure that I would take care of myself as well as her. After all, I can’t give her the best care if I’m not well in body or mind. 

My top tips are - 

Yes I do have lazy mornings but I always get up and dressed (eventually). I think this is important for you to feel like yourself and that normal routine of wearing your own clothes can help. 

Get out the house. I don’t mean the day after you arrive home after giving birth, I’m talking about when your ready, that could be wishing days or for some longer, but having a routine where you get out and have a change of scenery from the four walls of your home and some fresh air will make a world of difference. 

Finally, join groups. There are so many other women out there going through the same experiences and you can all support each other. Put yourself out there and join baby classes, baby meet up groups etc talking to other adults and sharing experiences, concerns and advice really helped me 

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