Local Newspaper Feature

🌟 Definitely a Winning as a Mummy moment 🌟

Photo 29-05-2018, 19 04 25.jpg

The #iamwinningasamummy campaign and Isabella and Us. has been featured in my local paper The Gazette and I am so excited that it’s been featured!

The campaign means so much to me and it was so amazing that so many of you took part! I ran the campaign just before I was diagnosed with PND, possibly when I needed to know most that I was winning as a mummy and so many of you joined me each day in sharing your Mummy Wins! I am so so grateful!

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The article was printed in the paper (Tuesday 29th May 2018) and was also published online too! Read the online article here.

I am so proud of the campaign and the impact it had! I’ll be running the campaign again soon but in the meantime if you want to share your Mummy Wins with me please do! Just tag me in the photo and use the #iamwinningasamummybecause