Isabella and Us. Mummy Blog Series - Katie

I hope you all enjoyed reading our first two blogs in the Mummy Blog Series. This week it is the turn of the lovely Katie from Crabbkins.


 "Hi I am Katie, I live in lovely North Yorkshire with my husband and our two children, Harry who is 4 (and can do everything now he is 4) and Millicent who is 20 months (going on 20 years old)  I design all things Crabbkins, so am often found at my sewing machine or painting table."

What is your biggest mummy win to date?

My biggest mummy win to date has to be earlier today – I sat in the garden, in the sun and just cuddled my two babies – well Harry is 4 and Millie in 2 is September – but always babies to me!  I sat and I thought just put your phone down, leave the washing in the washing machine, ignore the emails that need a reply, stop feeling guilty about taking a moment and just sit with these little people who won’t be little for much longer and just live the moment as it will pass by in a heartbeat – and it did because as I could hear my heart beating with love and affection for my two little people, I could also hear the washing machine beeping and the dishwasher and the phone …… but it was a mummy win as I did manage to switch off for a bit and tomorrow I will try again to stop and sit and not feel guilty for just giving myself some time. 

What is your 'you know you are a parent when' moment

I know I am a parent through and through because I get giddy when I can actually go to the toilet or have a shower on my own!  Before my darling children came along, I’d always showered solo – often participating in a little ‘shower karaoke’ – of course I really am Britney Spears when the soap suds are popping! But Britney Spears soon turned into Ba Ba Black Sheep the first time around and now there are two little ones, there’s not much brain capacity left for thinking about my pop star dreams!  Sometimes I hide in the toilet (for a few seconds before the door in flung open) to check my phone or just have two seconds to myself – my real high toilet point was when I was joined by Harry, followed by Millie, followed by Winnie my parents dog we were dog sitting – a true Mummy moment!

This or That?

Pizza or Chinese - Chinese

Cinema or a Book - (I have forgotten what these are!!) Cinema

Night in or Night out - Night in (although I defiantly look forward to a night out)

Summer or Winter - Summer

Beach or City - Beach

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I hope you enjoyed reading our third Mummy Blog, check back here next week for the next one!

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