Isabella and Us. Daddy Blog Series - Lawrence

I hope you all enjoyed reading our first two Mummy Blog Series! On a Tuesday I will now be bringing you our Daddy Blog Series too where Daddies will be sharing their Daddy Wins. 


Our first Daddy blog is from Lawrence who is the owner of Atticus Box. 

Lawrence says "

I'm the founder of Atticus Box, a monthly subscription box launching Summer 2018, providing dads with supplies and resources they need to master fatherhood. I also work full-time as a manager of fraud prevention and customer service. I'm the third of nine children, so I've experienced firsthand all sorts of crazy family situations. My lovely wife (Mindy), my son Titus (nearly two years old) and I currently live in Chicago and are excited to see our family continue to grow!"

What is your biggest daddy win to date?

I find it's the small, "ordinary life" things that are the most meaningful wins. My son (Titus) is nearly two, and building routines that he and I can look forward to are incredibly special.

For instance, every Monday evening we need to move our trash bins out to the street to be picked up. As soon as I get home from work on Monday evening, my son is standing at the door with his shoes on, saying "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy" and ready to run outside and move the trash bins with me. 

In summary, I guess a big win is recognising how important it is to include your kid(s) in the regular, routine parts of life. It’s great to be able to treat them, buy them nice toys, and so on – but really, at the end of the day, they just want quality time with mom and dad.

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What is your 'you know you are a parent when' moment

Your coworkers ask how your weekend was and you respond with, "Well, I played blocks for 3 hours yesterday, so I guess it was a really good one."


This or That?

Pizza or Chinese - Pizza

Cinema or a Book - Good book every time!

Night in or Night out - Night out

Summer or Winter - Summer - Chicago in the summer is incredible

Beach or City - Neither? If I had to pick I'd choose beach, but my real preference would be somewhere with woods and hiking trails

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I hope you enjoyed reading our first Daddy Blog, check back here next Tuesday for the next one!

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