Isabella and Us. Daddy Blog Series - Jason

I hope you all enjoyed reading our first two Daddy Blog Series! As well as the Mummy Blog Series I will now be bringing you our Daddy Blog Series too were Daddies will be sharing their Daddy Wins. 


Our third Daddy blog is from Jason. 

"My name's Jason Simmons, I'm a hypnotist, mentalist and magician and I've been performing for almost a decade. I'm currently a father of 2 children aged 3 & 5 and we have a third on the way which is due in October. I used to work at the Tower of London, I once auditioned for the X factor and I've also performed comedy for a number of years working alongside, Tim Vine, Arthur Smith & Dapper Laughs."

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What is your biggest daddy win to date?

My biggest Daddy win to date was taking my two children away for a week to Pontins whilst my partner was on a course. Not getting to spend a lot of time with them, it was really nice to have some quality time with them alone. It was a great break and it really made me appreciate how difficult it can be for my partner to spend all day with them although I've never had to do so many toilet trips on a night out lol. 

What is your 'you know you are a parent when' moment

This moment for me is when I feel my Dad falling out of me. This may be phrases like 'There and back to see how far it is,' when we're asked where we're going or 'I'm going to count to 5,' when I want them to do something (I'm still not entirely sure what happens when I get to 5). I'm yet to use  'why have a dog and bark yourself?' Although I'm sure I'll find a use for that in the future I'm sure.

This or That?

Pizza or Chinese - It has to be Chinese every time, you can't beat a chow mein!!

Cinema or a Book - It's a book for me, I never seem to read one straight the way through and I'm always dipping in and out of a couple of books at a time but, I really like reading. 

Night in or Night out - Night out. I really enjoy being out and my job revolves around being out in the evening. 

Summer or Winter - That's a tough one although, I like summer because people are usually in a better mood in the summer. 

Beach or City - I really like City breaks as I like exploring and seeing the history of a place. 

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I hope you enjoyed reading our third Daddy Blog, check back here soon for the next one!

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