Isabella and Us. Mummy Blog Series - Sarah.


This morning I am so excited to be bringing you another blog for our Mummy Blog Series! Every week one mum will be answering two questions and a few This or That questions sharing some of their stories about motherhood!

Today it is the turn of the lovely Sarah.

Tell us a bit about yourself …

Hello all, my name is Sarah and I am mama to Minime aged 5. I juggle working full time and being a single mum- with lots of support from Daddy and Granny.

We live in Derbyshire and have a 9 year old Dogue De Bordeaux called Diva.

I am blessed to have worked all over the globe as a private maternity nurse and childcare consultant.

What is your biggest mummy win to date?

My biggest mummy win, was mastering co-parenting successfully, I knew that regardless of my own feeling that I had to put Minime first and it has been a struggle at times but now we have a very strong relationship. 


We share all aspects of parenting, from homework to school meetings, taking him swimming etc and Minime is happy that mummy and daddy are best friends who don’t live together anymore.

I am proud that we have put our differences aside to create a happy, stable environment for Minime and we often share days out together as a family.

What is your 'you know you are a parent when' moment?

It takes 2 suitcases, 2 cabin bags and enough snacks to feed a small army to go away for a weekend! 

For the last five years I have never been without baby wipes, snacks, drink, spare clothes, more spare clothes, toys.......the list is endless! 

When I go away for work, I will still pack the same and often pull out a toy or half eaten fruit bag out of my handbag when I am searching for a pen in a meeting.

This or That?

Chinese- it is minime’s favourite food, we love to go to our local Chinese in Derby and enjoy mixed starters, crispy duck with hosin sauce and pancakes followed by crispy beef and chicken chowmein. I love for the two of us to go out to dinner, it gives us the time to relax and catch up on the week he has had at school.

Cinema or book? It has to be cinema as a start a book and finish it 6 months later unless it is for work. I enjoy going to the cinema with friends but prefer going with Minime and watching the latest family favourite.

Night in or night out- I much prefer a night in and enjoy a spa night with Minime and we indulge with facepacks, footpacks and a range of goodies such as popcorn, and his favourite champagne (which is actually sparkling grape juice)

Summer- I love Summer, I lived in Dubai and Saudi when I was working as a private maternity nurse and fell in love with the heat. I am miserable when it is cold and constantly have multiple layers of clothing on.

Beach- Happiness for me is lying on the beach, listening to the waves. I love to travel and the best beach I have been to was in Thailand- there were miles of uninhabited beach with crystal blue sea and no a soul in site.

Thank you so much for sharing!! I am absolutely loved reading your answers!

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