Isabella and Us. Mummy Blog Series - Kate Clarke


This morning I am so excited to be bringing you another blog for our Mummy Blog Series! Every week one mum will be answering two questions and a few This or That questions sharing some of their stories about motherhood!

Today it is the turn of the lovely Katie Clarke. Kate works in marketing I have boy/girl twins who are two years old.

What is your biggest mummy win to date?

My biggest mummy win to date was breastfeeding my twins for 6 months and in particular getting to the point where i could feed them at the same time.. I have boy/girl twins and this was particularly challenging as they were born 5 week early. My little girl didn't latch on for the first two weeks so it was a long hard slog of feed, express, bottle feed, wind, sleep, repeat. I had no time for anything other than feeding, i felt like a cow just sitting on the sofa and feeding one after the other. There were times when they were demand feeding that by the time i'd finished feeding them both it was time to start again. So when I was finally able to feed them both at the same time it was such a massive time saver and a massive win for me, I felt like i'd won the lottery.


What is your 'you know you are a parent when' moment.

For me this happened the first time one of the twins has gastroenteritis and was being sick every couple of hours, even through the night. Being stood in the nursery at 3am naked because I'd already been sicked on and had removed my clothes, then while stood naked, being again covered in sick. There was sick on the floor, sick in my hair, sick on the bed covers (which I'd already changed 3 times that night) and sick all over the baby. But having hold of this little defenceless human and knowing they needed me so much was the realisation that I was indeed a parent.




This or That?

Pizza or Chinese- Pizza

Cinema or a Book- Cinema

Night in or Night out- Night Out

Summer or Winter- Summer

Beach or City- City

Thank you so much for sharing Kate! I am absolutely loved reading your answers!

You can see more of Kate over at - @letsgetyogaing

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