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This morning I'm bringing you our next blog post our Mummy Blog Series! Every week I'll be sharing one of these fabulous Mummy Blogs that so many of you of have got involved in!

So today is the turn of Gemma. Gemma is a mum to two children aged five and two, and is a freelance content writer. She blogs as Mummy’s Waisted, which features family life, parenting, gardening and The Busy Mum's Guide To series about small business concepts. Gemma was an accountant for 10 years but gave it up in 2017 and has rediscovered a long forgotten love of writing.

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What is your biggest mummy win to date?

At the moment, it's seeing my daughter becoming a social butterfly! She's nearly three but is so confident to go into new situations, often leaving me walking behind her. She is beginning to develop an understanding of when she does need to cautious though, so the complete fearlessness is slowly fading (phew!) It's been so different with her than my son (5.5) who has really struggled with shyness and often doesn't want to try out something new, for fear of people looking at him. Once he gets going, and feels comfortable, it's a completely different story! I'm hoping that they will both develop my positive character traits of being forthright, always honest and not suffering fools gladly.

What is your 'you know you are a parent when' moment?

Before becoming a mum, people would have described me as a bit heartless and cold, and never really showing my emotions. Since having my two though, I'm much more open with my feelings, and with the things that get to me. For instance, I was waiting outside my son's gymnastics class reading a novel and the woman in it had suffered a miscarriage. It really made me feel sad, and also so grateful for having two healthy and happy children, when my situation could have been so different. I certainly can't watch things like Children in Need without a big box of tissues now either! 

This or That?

Pizza or Chinese - Pizza

Cinema or a Book - Cinema (during the day, otherwise I fall asleep)

Night in or Night out - Night in

Summer or Winter - Winter (not good in hot weather!)

Beach or City - Beach

Thank you so much for sharing Gemma! I am absolutely loved reading your Mummy Wins!

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