Isabella and Us. Mummy Blog Series - Emma


This morning I am so excited to be bringing you another blog for our Mummy Blog Series! Every week one mum will be answering two questions and a few This or That questions sharing some of their stories about motherhood!

Today it is the turn of the lovely Emma.

Tell us a bit about yourself …

A little about me, my names Emma I'm coming up to 25 and I live in Bristol UK with my boyfriend, 7 week old son Thomas and Labrador Coco. I am currently on maternity leave but alongside this work as a freelance designer and illustrator. A fun fact about me, my partner runs a pub therefore our little family live in the pub. It's noisy but great if you need a glass of wine after a long day. I also love koala's and hope to go to Australia one day to hug one!

What is your biggest mummy win to date?


My biggest mummy win is managing to leave the house with my 7 week old son, pushchair, nappy bag and very excitable Labrador coco, to take her for a walk to the park. During this walk the dog behaved and walked nicely (for once!) by the pram and my son slept soundly the whole time. It was a lovely bit of quiet time strolling around the park in the sun and we all returned home unscathed and in one piece!

What is your 'you know you are a parent when' moment.

Is definitely when you have multiple bodily fluids on you (that aren't your own) before it has even hit lunch time. By 10am today I had wee, spit up, dribble and snot all on my shirt. Needless to say both my son and myself have had multiple outfit changes already. 


This or That?

Pizza or Chinese- Pizza

Cinema or a Book- Book

Night in or Night out- Night In

Summer or Winter- Summer

Beach or City- Beach

Thank you so much for sharing!! I am absolutely loved reading your answers!

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Emma x