Isabella and Us. Mummy Blog Series - Emily Young


I am so excited to be bringing you the next blog for our Mummy Blog Series this morning! Every week one mum will be answering two questions and a few This or That questions sharing some of their stories about motherhood!

Today it is the turn of the lovely Emily Young.

Emily says "I am still in the throws of enjoying what I recently heard referred to as a 'portfolio career' - although I have always thought that I must just have a short attention span as I have had so many different jobs! I have worked as an interior designer in Berkshire, an account executive in an ad agency in London, an English teacher in Bristol and now I am running the online store and hub for independent brands, Wonder of Kin.

I am mum to Oliver (Ovi) aged 2 and Elodie (Didi) aged 5 months and together with my husband Si we are living mid-renovation in a very old Somerset longhouse. 

A fun fact about me would be that I have massive imposter syndrome combined with chocoholic tendencies... although that's probably less 'fun' more 'confessional'. An actually fun fact would be that I was an extra (background artist, please!) in the film version of Pride and Prejudice."

What is your biggest mummy win to date?

Our son Ovi was born with hypotonia so he is behind with his gross motor skills and only just starting to get on his feet. It's a common misconception that hypotonia means 'weak' but it doesn't. His muscles have had to be trained to work differently to other children's, but he is the strongest and most magnificent little boy imaginable. His patience knows no bounds and this week he has been walking in his walking frame without any external support at all for the first time ever. After two years of constant and sometimes exhausting physiotherapy, this is definitely my biggest mummy win to date. 

I guess my second one would be the first time that Ovi gave Didi a cuddle and I heard him whisper 'I love you Didi' into her ear... that really did for me.

What is your 'you know you are a parent when' moment.

You know you're a mum when you don't bother changing your top because one or two people were sick on it. You know you're a mum of two when you don't even notice that one or two people were sick on your top...

You also know you're a parent when you're totally psyched to find you've got adequate phone battery to entertain yourself in peace for a full thirty minutes in the supermarket car park whilst you've got two sleeping children in the car. Sometimes I even find I've got emergency chocolate in my handbag - red letter days! 

This or That?

Pizza or Chinese - Pizza
Cinema or a Book - Cinema. (Although maybe in case one of my English department friends is reading this I should add that ideally it would be a film adaptation of a classic novel, obviously...!)
Night in or Night out - Night in! 
Summer or Winter - Winter. It's the holy trinity of jeans, jumper, red lippy for me.
Beach or City - Beach. But can we go via the city so I can get a coffee to go?

Thank you so much for sharing Emily! I am absolutely loved reading your answers!

You can see more of Emily over at -

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Emma x