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This morning I am so excited to be bringing you another blog for our Mummy Blog Series! Every week one mum will be answering two questions and a few This or That questions sharing some of their stories about motherhood!

Today it is the turn of the lovely Assuntina.

Tell us a bit about yourself …

I am a Freelance Fashion and Lifestyle Creative so I have many fingers in many pies. I started working as a Freelancer when I had my first son and have worked with designers such as House of Holland, and George.

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I have two boys a 5 year old and a 2 year old who keep me on my toes and are addicted to Lego and Transformers. I love to read, do spontaneous things and travel to new places. I love planning parties - especially one with themes. I have had a Graduation party and everyone came in their PJs and had a 'Something F' Party for my hen where everyone had to dress up as something beginning with F (my new surname, I was a 50s housewife - my favourite decade).

What is your biggest mummy win to date?

There have been great achievements and great sad moments with boy my boys - breastfeeding? bottle feeding?? yes or no to dummy. But my biggest winning moment and greatest achievement I have had is that with my second child I was a lot calmer and more confident.

I didnt care when my milk came in and it hurt, or whether he kept me up all night, that he wanted to suck his fingers and not have a dummy, or that he did a big poo at the doctors and I left the wet wipes in the car, or that he cried when I was picking my son up from nursery. Or maybe if I was having a bad day and needed some help.

Kids are kids and not robots. I went with the flow and didn't stress out and till this day I am so pleased, and shocked at times, that I did that.

What is your 'you know you are a parent when' moment.

There really are so many. I will list the most common for me that happen - daily.

You know you are a parent when you go to your friends house for dinner and all you do is talk about your children's poo activities.

You know you are a parent when you go on a date night, bring out a clutch bag but cannot part from the wet wipes.

You know you are a parent when a relaxing evening is a trip to the supermarket, alone.

You know you are a parent when going to bed you say to your husband 'Good Luck'

You know you are a parent when you are on the toilet for 5 mins, rushing while you toddler is in front of you playing with something they shouldnt be playing with.

You know you are a parent when you shop more for your kids than yourself

You know you are a parent when your YouTube history is of toys, kids shows or Justin Beiber (even though I secret love Justin)

There are plenty more...


 This or That?

Pizza or Chinese- Pizza - I am not really a Chinese fan. In fact I love making my own pizza and doing it with the kids. My eldest loves to cook and bake.

Cinema or a Book- Book - Ooooo I would say book. I have always been a book worm and if I have nothing to do (which is never) I would always choose a book over cinema.

Night in or Night out- Night Out - I love my home. It's my comfort zone. However, as I work from home and am at home with the kids a lot if we have a date night I love to go out and explore new things and new places. There is so much to see and do and I love being creative and sharing great memories with the ones I love.

Summer or Winter- Hands down - Winter. I am a winter baby and as my boys were both born in the summer, and in heat waves, I have less love for the summer. It is uncomfortable and uncontrollable. Pass me a blanket, cuddle me with a hot water bottle and let me plan Halloween any day of the week.

Beach or City - City - I love the beach and have so many memories of going to Sicilly with my grandparents when I was younger - I always go to the beach with my kids and make sure they enjoy every moment of the sun, sea and sand. But there is nothing better than discovering a new city.

Thank you so much for sharing!! I am absolutely loved reading your answers!

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