#Iamwinningasamummy campaign

Mummy Wins campaign16.jpg

Last Monday I launched the #Iamwinningasamummy campaign. The campaign was an idea to continue the conversation about maternal mental health and to also promote positive wellbeing in mummies. 

I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone single mummy who took part in the#iamwinningasamummycampaign. It means so much that so many of you saw the importance and potential of the campaign and have supported it by sharing your Mummy Wins. Over 60 mummy wins where tagged in the campaign and it reached over 30,000 people.

Isabella and Us is such a small business started at the most vulnerable time in my life. Each day that I share my honest experiences as a new mum and everything I’ve tried to create so far comes from my own experiences.

This campaign is close to my heart because I know the impact focusing on the negatives can have. From my own experiences focusing on the positives can massively help. Focusing on the negative can have a detrimental effect on our wellbeing and mental health. The campaign was all about you mummies to try and focus on what you have achieved in a day or a week rather than what you hadn’t.

I said at the beginning of the campaign that if the#iamwinningasamummybecause campaign only helps one mummy realise that she’s doing an amazing job and helps her feel a bit more positive then I’ll have done what I set out to achieve. I know I have done just that from the messages I have received and that means the world.

Mummy Wins campaign2.jpg

This message from one mum just made me so happy to know that I had made a difference to her day "Thank you for making me realise that I am winning every single day"

So once again thank you all so much for supporting the campaign and taking part! Remember to celebrate those small daily wins mummies!

If you didn't get chance to share your mummy wins and would like to, just use the #iamwinningasamummybecause on your social media and tag Isabella and Us in the photo too!