Isabella was born 10 days early in December 2017, just before Christmas. Each week before her arrival from 14 weeks I'd attended Pregnancy Relaxation with Beau Baby in Lytham and we also did Beau Baby's Hypnobirthing workshop too.

I am convinced that Hyponobirthing is what got me through the birth of Isabella and that made me feel empowered, excited and confident to give birth. I had heard so many horror stories about Birth, mostly about the pain and what pain relief I should have. We had decided early on that I would start with Gas and Air and then if needed have other pain relief.  

If you have read my previous blog post about my Pregnancy you will know that I was due to be induced on the Saturday but Isabella had other ideas and my labour started naturally about midnight. I woke with pains that felt much stronger than Braxton Hicks and I think looking back I must have known I was in labour as I rang the Delivery Suite straight away. They told me to monitor the contractions and to call back in an hour if I was still having contractions, at this point they where about 5 minutes apart.

We arrived at the hospital around 2:30pm and much of that time is a bit of a blur until Isabella was born. I used the breathing techniques and the tracks from Beau Baby and I felt that I dealt with each contraction well. However, the pushing was a different story and the part I found most difficult. 

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At around 6am I felt the urge to start pushing, with confirmation from the midwife that it was okay to do so I began to push. However, this took a lot longer that it should have done. Around 7:30am there was so many medical professionals around my bed and I just remember the midwife saying to me that I was the only one so far that hadn't needed the doctor to intervene but that she would if I didn't hurry up with the pushing. After shouting at everyone that their 'just one more push' was indeed not one more push and that they where lying to me I eventually kicked down that brick wall and at 7:52am Isabella arrived into the world.  

For me, birth was a very empowering and beautiful experience but it isn't like that for everyone and I feel very fortunate that mine was a positive experience, especially after the Pregnancy I had had. 

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