The Story Behind Isabella and Us.

So here goes, my first blog post (written whilst Isabella naps on my chest and I’m watching Netflix). I thought it might be best to begin with why I chose to start Isabella and Us. In

December 2017 I gave birth to my daughter Isabella, just over a week before Christmas. Before going off on maternity leave I worked full time and ran another business which I set up after I got married in July 2015.

Those first few weeks as a mum really took me by surprise. I just wasn’t expecting the rollercoaster of emotions I would feel and how much pressure I would put on myself to still do everything I had done before I had Isabella.

By the time she was 4 weeks old I had settled a little bit more into motherhood but I was still finding it difficult to do things, like have a shower without her crying or eating a meal without her needing me. I began to realise that even if all I had done all day was sit on the sofa and watch Netflix and feed my baby that was okay, if I managed to leave the house on time with everything I needed then that was an amazing achievement!

After a conversation with two friends my brain was full of ideas! So much so that after a 4am feed I just couldn’t sleep and Isabella and Us. was born. By 12pm the next day I had a logo, social media pages and I had designed my first product ‘Mummy Cards’. Since then and only 8 weeks later Isabella and Us. has grown with so many products and I have so many ideas for so many more that I can’t wait to produce and show you!

What I’m most proud of is that my Cards seem to be making a massive difference to so many Mummies and this really makes me smile!

I set out to help mummies feel like they were winning and I hope today that you are #winningasamummy

Emma x

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