Positive Wellbeing Zine for Mums - Issue 2

I can’t quite believe that I actually get to write about this, to say that Issue 2 of the Positive Wellbeing Zine for Mums has now been published for over 3 weeks and that the feedback has just been incredible!


After the success of the first issue (which sold out within the first 5 days) I was really nervous about releasing the second Issue and it being just as good, if not better than the first issue. But all of the lovely comments and messages have let me know that it is just as a good which is just wonderful! Its always nerve-wracking releasing a new product and I am so overwhelmed with just how much what I’ve produced is being loved and supported by mums.

This Zine was born out of a need for there to be something just about mums, for mums and that was solely focused on motherhood, wellbeing and self-care. Something that I know I need as a mum and something that I hope other mums want too!

So if you haven’t had chance to check out what is in the second Issue heres all the info. I’m leaving all the Instagram URLs in so you can find them over on Insta!

Front Cover is designed by @amyjonesdesignco and the front cover illustration was especially drawn for this Issue from a photograph of me and Isabella by @adeline_hl 


Illustrations/Photography in the Zine are from - @sketchymuma @mayblossoming @victojeiro @helenetheillustrator @awesomemamaillustration @daintyforest @robyn_swain @glitter_earth 

Articles from Jo Haley, @dontletherdown @annaparkernaples @psychologicallyminded @threebearscookeryclub @thepregnancyemporium @365pearlsofwisdom @celery_cupcakes @mindfulmantraco @wellworkyoga @nicolejaneboudoir Adele Hawkes (positive psychology coach) @hi_mama_letters @kellynealedoula 

Poem from @tatterhood_ 

Recipe from @thecuriousmummy

Self care planner from @mindfulmantraco 

Dear Mum letter from @butterflymum83 

Mama Boss feature from @gummeeteething 

Book extract from The Undercover Mother @emmarobinsonuk 


Advertisers (who make the production of the Zine possible) include @kindredmeets Meets, TomCat Bookshop @do.it.like.a.mother_hq @keri_do.it.like.a.mother @darlingprintsuk @fish2photo @ivyandprimrose @bearsy.and.the.boy

And our Zine Issue 2 Sponsors who are @thepregnancyemporium and @mybagsofstuff 

I think you'll agree its another jam packed issue thats full of so much good stuff! And I just hope you all love it!

You can order your copy here

Emma x