5 Things I want you to know about my decisions this Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and if I’m honest I am equally just as excited as I am terrified.

Let me explain, last year was quite possibly the worst Christmas ever, yet it should have been a time of celebration as it was Isabella’s first Christmas.

But instead it came with huge judgment from some of our relatives, harsh words and upset caused by others putting their needs before those of a new mum and her baby.

When I look back to last Christmas all I see is guilt, upset and a whole load of judgement. It wasn’t the first Christmas I wanted for us as a family!

So this Christmas I’m determined for it to be the Christmas to beat all other Christmasses, for it to overshadow last Christmas and so I’ve started early!

Here’s what I want you to know about my decisions this Christmas:

  1. At every possible opportunity in the run up to Christmas we will be spending time as a family of three! - I want us to make memories, make traditions and spend that quality time together!

  2. Christmas Day Morning will be about US!

  3. I won’t be putting pressure on us as a family to do anything or go anywhere

  4. Isabella comes first

  5. This will be our first Christmas as a family!

Here’s to a hopefully very Merry Christmas!

Emma x