Self-Care Mummy Blog Series - Week 28

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This year I’m talking all about Self-Care as a mum and how important it is to take that time for us. Every week I’ll be bringing you a new guest blog post with some top tips and hopefully throughout the next few months we’ll have put together an amazing list of different ideas for self-care.

This week our Self-Care Mummy Blog Series comes to an end! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the blog posts each week and that they have given you some ideas for self-care.

This week is Sara Vickery-Bragg.

Tell us a bit about yourself - who you are, what you do and a bit about your family:

I’m Sara Vickery-Bragg, a mum of 2 and founder of small business, Seventeen Minutes. I drink copious amounts of tea, love a good Netflix binge and am a bit of a chocoholic. Ok, a total chocoholic. I’m a born and bred North Londoner, I’m married to an Aussie and it’s fair to say we’re in the thick of it right now, with sleepless nights, teething and tantrums – our kids are Max (3) and Olivia (1). When I first became a mum, I struggled with losing my identity and independence. I found that taking time for myself got me through. That led to me quitting my career of 10 years in Publishing to start my self-care subscription box business. I’ve made it my mission to motivate mums everywhere to take time to themselves. Now, I get to spend two days a week with my kids and work the other days from home. I’m loving the balance between work and family time.

What do you do for self-care as a mum and how do you make time for self-care?

I religiously take one night a week to myself. Whether it’s going to a local yoga session, going for a run, having a hot bath, using a facemask or watching some really good TV, I make sure I take that time for me. As a mum, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with to-do lists and life admin but I’m a big believer that sometimes you have to put yourself first in order to help others. If I don’t take that time, I end up feeling resentful and being the impatient shouty mum I hate being. We all need some time just to slow down, relax and unwind.

What are your three top tips for self-care for mums?

1. Have an early night. An obvious one but so important. Getting enough sleep is so important to our wellbeing. If you’ve got kids (like mine) who don’t sleep through, move your bedtime 30 minutes earlier, don’t stay up to watch Game of Thrones and go to bed. Leave your phone downstairs to avoid getting distracted! 

2. Get fresh air every day. Even if it’s just for 10 minutes or it’s a walk round the block, it’s a real mood-booster to be outside.  

3. Take time for you. Carve out a few hours every week where you can be off-duty and do something you love. Even if it’s as simple as getting your pyjamas on early and reading your book in bed.

Are there any products/businesses/podcasts ect that you would recommend for self-care?

I’d highly recommend Spacemasks to help you relax and get a good nights sleep, the Clementine App which I love and the Scummy Mummies podcast because laughter really is the best medicine sometimes. Oh and of course, I’d recommend treating yourself or a fellow mum to a self care package, packed full of little treats to enjoy!

You can see more of Sara over at:

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I hope you enjoyed reading this lovely guest blog post by Sara all about self-care as a mum!

Have a lovely day!

Emma x