Self-Care Mummy Blog Series - Week 16

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This New Year I’m talking all about Self-Care as a mum and how important it is to take that time for us. Every week I’ll be bringing you a new guest blog post with some top tips and hopefully throughout the next few months we’ll have put together an amazing list of different ideas for self-care.

This week is Keli Taylor.

Tell us a bit about yourself - who you are, what you do and a bit about your family:

Im Keli, 31, mummy to Jamie who is 3. I work for the Local Authority for 3 days per week, in a job that can be quite stressful at times. 
I recently have also become a business owner. I am a Temple Spa Lifestyle Consultant, selling luxury skin care products and offering free pop up Spa Experiences within peoples home, everyone receives a free facial and Spa tips and treatments.

What do you do for self-care as a mum and how do you make time for self-care?

Since joining Temple Spa, I have taken on the ethos of Temple Spa "your body is a living temple, honour it, enjoy your life, and live life to the full". 

Temple Spa means "your space, your spa" 

We focus on the importance of "me time" in order to calm, relax and chill out, as you would in any spa. 

I now ensure my bedtime ritual which consists of cleansing, toning and mositurising my face (using Repose which is a armotherapy night cream mosituriser, and place on my wrist pulse points and down the back of my neck) and spray my bedroom with Quietude, calming room spray. I do this at the end of the day before bed, once my little boy is in bed. I play our Repose CD beforecbed to help calm before bed aswell. 

I also use sole balm cream on my feet and my little boys as we call this bedtime special cream. I often use quietude in his room if he needs help to settle before bed.

Also light "Siesta Forever" relaxing candle in the living room on a night.

What are your three top tips for self-care for mums?

  1. Develop a calming ritual before bed - good products that I use are listed below. 

  2. Ensure you give the time to care for yourself and relax - do something you love -snuggle up and read a book .

  3. Love who you are.

Are there any products/businesses/podcasts ect that you would recommend for self-care?

Temple Spa have amazing products aimed to calm, destress and unwind (and have anti-ageing properties too)

QUIETUDE - Calming Aromatherapy Mist Room Spray.

REPOSE - aromatherapy resting cream. 

RESTITUDE - christmas gift - relaxing bubble bath

DRIFT AWAY - relaxing bath and massage oil 

RESULTS - helps to calm and de-stress and helps to promote a good nights sleep.

You can see more of Keli over at:

Website | Facebook | Instagram

I hope you enjoyed reading this lovely guest blog post by Keli all about self-care as a mum! Be sure to check out the blog next week for another guest blog post all about self-care!

Have a lovely day!

Emma x

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