Self-Care Mummy Blog Series - Week 7

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This New Year I’m talking all about Self-Care as a mum and how important it is to take that time for us. Every week I’ll be bringing you a new guest blog post with some top tips and hopefully throughout the next few months we’ll have put together an amazing list of different ideas for self-care.

This week is Caroline Cartlidge.

Tell us a bit about yourself - who you are, what you do and a bit about your family:

I am mother to a delightful 6 year old daughter and wife to a very hard working man and brilliant father. I work part time, largely for the social aspect, and also have recently started as a Virtual Assistant (Felicity Lemon Services). I volunteer at my local school helping little ones with their reading and help to coordinate a free local networking community (Lutterworth Business Connect). My loves (apart from family) is my garden, crafting and trying to learn something new every day.

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What do you do for self-care as a mum and how do you make time for self-care?

Self-care for me is sharing fun time with family, away from electronic devices. It is being outside without purpose, other than to just breathe and be still (even if it just outside the back door). It is also some me time (normally when husband is away working and daughter is in bed) where I can watch my favourite TV series or read a book without interruption, and not be on call. I also go business networking at least once a month where I can be me (and not a mother or wife). Making time is hard, it sometimes feels too selfish, but is arranged around everyone else having a good time (daughter on a play date or husband watching football/rugby with friends) so probably doesn't happen as often as it should but you have to take it where you can!

What are your three top tips for self-care for mums?

This is probably a 'do as I say, not do as I do' moment but:

1. Don't feel guilty and selfish for a little me time

2. Invest in and confide with a few good friends (they are probably feeling the same as you).

3. Be outside and still for 10 minutes a day - properly outside and not just on your way to somewhere, be able to look at the sky, or watch a bird, or just breathe

Are there any products/businesses/podcasts ect that you would recommend for self-care?

Facebook groups: Mums in Business Association (of course), Freelance Heroes and 30 Days Wild
Netflix: has always suggested some good viewing options when you need to escape.

You can see more of Caroline over at:


I hope you enjoyed reading this lovely guest blog post by Caroline all about self-care as a mum! Be sure to check out the blog next week for another guest blog post all about self-care!

Have a lovely day!

Emma x

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