Self-Care Mummy Blog Series - Week 9

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This New Year I’m talking all about Self-Care as a mum and how important it is to take that time for us. Every week I’ll be bringing you a new guest blog post with some top tips and hopefully throughout the next few months we’ll have put together an amazing list of different ideas for self-care.

This week is Amy Downes.

Tell us a bit about yourself - who you are, what you do and a bit about your family:

Hi! I'm Amy Downes and I am a blogger at Mum Full of Dreams and freelance Social Media Consultant. Because the work that I do can be done at any time of the day, I'm able to follow flexible working hours and fit my career around my family - my fiancee Luke and my son Harry. I believe that this should be an option for everyone, as parents we shouldn't have to choose between our job and being with our children - or wear ourselves out trying to do both.

What do you do for self-care as a mum and how do you make time for self-care?


My flexible working hours mean that I am able to spend time with my son - my working days are Monday to Thursday and so I have Fridays with Harry. We always try to find something special to do together, last week he took me for lunch at the Hepworth Cafe in Wakefield and we had fun playing on the playground afterwards.

It's also really important to spend time just as me, so my working hours mean if I want to go out for lunch with a friend or take a weekend off for a night away with my other half I can. My favourite thing to do is have a day at the football - that comes first over everything!

What are your three top tips for self-care for mums?

1. Consider working flexible hours. More and more companies are becoming open to this and there is also lots of evidence that it doesn't affect productivity. It really does make a difference to your mental health having a better work/life balance.

2. Banish all guilt over wanting to do something for you. It's sad that when we get to spend time on our own doing the things we want to do, we feel bad for doing it, like we're bad Mums for not being at their back and call 24/7. Happy Mum, Happy Baby.

3. Reach out when you need help. Sometimes it can feel like you're doing everything all on your own - housework, childcare, to-do list for work. Focus on priorities and get support for anything that you can be supported with - be that from your partner, family, friends or employer.

Are there any products/businesses/podcasts ect that you would recommend for self-care?

Just days out. My social life has been the absolute lifesaver for me, knowing that I'e got a football game to go to at the end of the week gets me through the toddler tantrums and actually motivates me to get my work done as efficiently as possible. I do love watching the Ingham family on YouTube for some down time too!

You can see more of Amy over at:


I hope you enjoyed reading this lovely guest blog post by Amy all about self-care as a mum! Be sure to check out the blog next week for another guest blog post all about self-care!

Have a lovely day!

Emma x

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